Exorcism- The Myth?

Unraveling the blankets of uncertainty over exorcism and deciphering its true meaning through the lens of prudence.

Nowadays, people aren’t unfamiliar with the term ‘exorcism’, it’s not because they’ve started reading Bible or any other religious book. It’s simply because of the fact, people watch a lot of spooky flicks. Nevertheless, has anyone ever given it a deep thought? Ever gone to the roots of this quirky practice?

Almost everyone would shake their heads. The veracity is, most of the so called highly educated people would deny with the existence of supernatural spirits, while those involved with religious ceremonies would contradict the same. Here, however, I would only like to showcase a very famous example of how exorcism failed miserably and how the truth was being hidden behind projectors. Anneliese Michel, a Catholic woman from Germany who was said to be possessed by six or more demons and subsequently underwent a secret, ten-month-long voluntary exorcism. The two priests and her parents were convicted of negligent manslaughter for failing to call a medical doctor to address her eating disorder as she died weighing only 68 pounds. The case has been labelled a misidentification of mental illness, negligence, abuse, and religious hysteria.

There were two movies vaguely based on this story. But, the onlookers were made to believe that this 16 year old girl died because she was ‘possessed’. Is this a gag? How can someone claim their film to be based on a true story and then cleverly distort it towards the end? They don’t realize doing this changes the mindset of a chunk of population deeply and they would keep inflicting others in the trap.

Does the society know what really being ‘possessed’ is? What really exorcism’s true meaning is? Well, thinking profoundly, one would realize that exorcism literally means eradicating the ‘evil’ or the ‘demon’ within us. Yet again, what is the evil and who is the demon? Simply, the evil is our thought process and the demon is our mind. No one knows whether exorcism truly exists or is it just a delusional fantasy. However, one thing is for sure, evils and demons do exist and that to within us. We need to kill the evil of acid attacks, of rapes, of greed, of jealousy, of
dishonesty, of duplicity, of anger! Then see how the demon automatically dies and the world would be a better place to live. Everyone can be an exorcist, they just need to find the evil, take it right out of their pious soul, seal it tightly in the jar of humanity and throw it thousands and
thousands of miles away into the pond of sanity where each sin drops deep down into the depths, lost in the darkness, never to be seen again.


Deepika Biswal

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