She came home to find that letter on desk. That off-white paper with a tinge of yellowness, was placidly lying by the corners of the table. Just the sight of it, made her feel apologetic. Her brown eyes which usually had a spark were now lost in the vivid memories of her action. Tears, she shed, reflected her guilt and were a result of her realization. The trembling hands with fingers still resistant to a movement, eyebrows raised in affliction and deep. Breaths of tensed air brought the melancholic beat to the distressed song that was already being played at her house. Consuming all the air in her lungs and with all the courage in the heart, Tia took an about turn, glanced upon her mother’s teary eyes, looked of her father who was wishing her luck with thumbs up and started running as fast as she could. Her haste was not a panic. It was an attempt to not repeat her mistake. It was an attempt to mend the scars. It was an attempt to save one of the most beautiful facets of life, a bond that is not made in the heaven but feels nothing less than that- Friendship.

“Where to head, ma’am?”

“To the crossroad of Allen Street and Mayo Road. And please can we be a little fast because it is an emergency!”

The cab driver nodded his head in affirmation. Within few snaps, she was paying the charges of the cab ride and was standing right in front of her childhood best friend’s house. Clara’s house always appeared vintage and aesthetic to Tia. In her words,” It is a classic blend of western and Indian nuances of architecture…” But this time, things were not quite the same. All she could feel at that juncture was a haunting and a nail- biting vibe. But no more she wanted to hide as it was much harder to hide than she thought. She had to choose between sticking to her own stances and lose that forever kind of friend or drop all her ego and arguments and save her friendship from getting sour. She went with the second option. Few heroic steps were taken towards the door. While standing in front of her bestie and not able to ring the bell, taught Tia, a lesson that no textbook could have ever taught that how an impetuous decision can lead to doomed situations which sometimes cannot be altered.

With each tapping sound produced when her knuckles touched the fore surface of the door, a chill broke down into her body. When her knuckles were about to strike the door for the fourth time, somebody opened the door. There was this young girl with a tissue in one hand and the other hand ready to punch a certain someone. Her face was tomato red and her eyes were dilated and were popping out. It looked as if she had cried for hours. Seeing Clara like that, Tia kept her face down in shame.

“I am really sorry for my actions, Clara. It was stupid of me. Do not leave me and this place. As soon as you forgive me, do give me a call. I apologize for my mistake. Don’t go. All would become dull and boring without you.” She said what she wanted to say and was about to make a move back to her house with sheer disappointment but something unexpected happened. Before she could do that, Clara with a sprint and arms readily opened to squeeze someone, embraced Tia with all the affection and forgiveness to offer. Tears, being the representatives of emotions, were shed by the best friends. But there is a problem with tears, they don’t come with a warning, be it a happy moment or a sad one, tears are always there to enhance the beauty of that very moment to make the journey, a memorable one. Actions do outweigh words. A “I forgive you” moment would not have released the scent of love and friendship into the air which was few minutes back filled with despair but just a hug did that. That day, life had so much more to give back – some unexplainable moments.


Paawani Mishra (12th)

Maharishi Patanjali Vidya Mandir Prayagraj

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