A Call For Soldier

He opened his eyes to let the sunlight dazzle them,
But to his surprise found everything in mayhem,
Clothes unfurled and no presence of his father,
Bewildered he dashed to his mother rather.

His mother had worn her heart on the sleeve,
Very bluntly she told him that he had to leave,
The previous night an attack had been triggered on the border,
Which could cause so many families to lose their breadwinner.

Just a couple of hours ago he had given her an assurance,
Which was to buy her flowers and never any bereavement,
Now only fate is conversant with the time those flowers will come,
And that too whether as a gift or along with the funeral drum.

The pictures on the wall were protected by a wooden frame,
Which bore smiling faces with pride and not with shame,
The patches of green and brown hue on the army uniform fostered pride,
But concurrently encouraged the impending wars nationwide.

The countries worldwide are bracing themselves for a better cataclysm,
Therefore instead of preaching love they are aiding terrorism,
The doomsday is just round the corner,
When there will be no land, no life, no hope but only water.



Khushi Gupta

Christ University, Bangalore


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