New Eve’s feast

I got enrolled into a nice college 2 years back with my sister. It was far so I had to rent a flat. It was a big one. My current roommate, Alex is a nice person and always helps me. We often talk late at night.
New Year’s eve fell on a rainy day. A thunderstorm was passing over us, as a result the sky was dark with occasional lightenings brightening it. New Year means party, so we partied late at night at the club, unknowingly that the storm has started raging over the town. After a while, the lights went out. So we started to leave. Alex and I came there together. So while leaving, we had to change paths as a fallen tree had blocked the main route. The only way to go is through woods. Under the downpour, we are now heading towards the woods. After a while in there, the car came to an abrupt stop. Alex is the one driving and he also knows a lot about cars, so he went out to check. Turns out, a part of engine, the fuel key was missing so the fuel had drained out. Good for us we keep some extra fuel in the car for an emergency, but still we had to look for the fuel key. We headed out of the vehicle with our flashlights to look for it. After looking for a while, I had lost the sight of Alex. Calling out his name, I went back to the car as it started to pour more heavily. But no response.
Ending 1: Suddenly a crash of lightening revealed a person with an axe in front of tbe vehicle. Feeling scared to death, I locked the car. Another flash revealed it to be Alex with a creepy grin. What!? Is he pranking me or what? In the chaos, I found the fuel key in the back seat. Meanwhile, he is coming towards the car, coming towards me, coming FOR me.
Ending 2: 10 minutes have passed and he still hasn’t returned. Okay, the work is done. I returned to the car and fixed the fuel key back in the engine. Of course I know he won’t be returning any more. I was the one who removed the fuel key. At least for now, they will be happy to have a new offering and I will get my sister back after just 2 more.

Shashwat Bhatt
11th (Science)

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