Nurturing Nature’s Meliorism

Meliorism- the belief that the world gets better; that humans can make it better.

Lately, the trees have been losing leaves but not because of the fall season; the sun has started feeling colder but not because of the winter season; the grass feels rougher not because of early spring. It was the humans that damaged the soul which once was called their very own.

But then came a little girl who planted a seed neither of fruit nor of a vegetable then what was this little sapling? She’d water its root, unaware of what she grew. everyday she’d check on the little sapling, providing it nutrition, and the trees smiled at its progress that once, was made by them. A little sad they were because deep down they knew she’d soon forget all about her. Days went by and the trees showed signs of hope, when it grew her first leaf. The little girl smiled at her achievement and planted another seed, only after days it showed no leaf. She shed a tear which fell to the ground when she noticed a small bud rising from the ground. Happy again she planted another seed this one was even better because it started turning into plum pomegranate and the first one was only an herb, and the second only gave her thorns. So busy appreciating the fruit, she forgot about those two. The trees bent their heads down, that what they feared of was beginning to fall true. The little saplings, now lonely would completely die and dissolve in the soil if noone gave them love. But there came the rain, and the sapling would dance with the wind; shine with sun cause the nature helped save them. Next day arrived and another little boy poured it fresh water without knowing he might have saved those poor little things. The trees slowly stood up straight as he started making promised appearances and nurtured them to health. He would talk to the saplings and say that they were his querencia.



Harshita Agarwal

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