Criminal Chemistry

Oh no, this article has nothing related to a chemistry class; this is the ‘veracity’ class. The literal meaning of pH – 0 is potential of hydrogen – 0. But, don’t judge a word by its definition. This so called ‘0’ potential, has the actual potential to ruin lives. How? Yes, these are in layman language – the acids, an iota of which could leave you battling with hospitals. Acids have a wide range of use, from killing germs in stomach and facilitating the digestion of proteins to cleaning floors. However, what it’s not meant for is what it is being used for the most!
Clearing the vagueness, the cruel usage being referred to here is ‘acid attacks’. This evil has existed since time immemorial and has no sign of an end in the near future. Somehow, people still seek vengeance of rejections, inferiority complex, jealousy, and all sorts of unimaginable ‘betrayals’ by throwing the sour, corrosive, blue litmus to red converter – ACID. Isn’t it too easy to splash a few drops of the twenty rupee liquid onto someone’s face? But, doing it when you know the consequences is heinous, isn’t it? And the truth is, people do this barbarous crime
only because they know the after math. The 10 year old ban on the sale of acid is floating everywhere, but it can’t chain the mindset of people. Acid attack reports are still loitering in every nook and corner of the World. Changing what people think will take the longest time
imaginable. No one talks about giving acid attack crime a discrete place in the IPC all the while it lasted and neither in the upcoming Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita. ‘Nyaya’ should be parted in all spheres or there shall be no justice if it misses even
a single crime. However, to the people out there, for now, it’s important to remember that someone destroying your physical beauty can never destroy you. Physicality is a part of you, you are not a part of it!



11th (humanities)


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