The cringe and vulgar world of bhojpuri songs

Bhojpuri has always been so close to the hearts of People of Bihar but unfortunately, the prevalence of vulgarity, obscenity, and sexism in Bhojpuri pop culture has degraded and defamed the community.

In recent years, the underprivileged, too, have gotten access to the internet. But the music industry in Bihar takes advantage of this. Especially for underprivileged individuals and new to the digital world with songs and films relating only to erotic scenes, it is a bit given that the consumers will think of the said activity as the only important thing in life. These scenes are being over-sold by the Bhojpuri music industry as though it is the beginning and the end of life. The Bhojpuri entertainment industry has been releasing a lot of music without any quality control. 

The Bhojpuri music industry is in bad shape.  There are too many low-quality songs, but we can’t just blame the industry. People also contribute to its growth by supporting such content. For instance, in a song named “ Lga ke Thermometer,” we have all used thermometers to check our temperature and it takes an artist to use all his skill and art to come up with a song on such a simple mundane action. But as we all know there is no dearth of artists in Bhojpuri Cinema, the thermometer song did indeed become a reality. The popularity of Bhojpuri songs isn’t just in Bihar. It’s popular all over India. Even in the Northeast, people dance to these songs. They enjoy them despite their poor quality. It’s unfair to blame only Biharis for this trend. Everyone contributes to the industry’s success.

What’s needed is to censor cheap, crude, and downright awful Bhojpuri songs, and it’s needed now. How long can we tolerate the blatant objectification of women and their unnatural sexualization by the Bhojpuri entertainment industry, especially the music sector? Censoring dirty music is necessary to protect the Bhojpuri language. We must stop the mindless consumption of trash by people all over the country.

It’s time for the Bhojpuri entertainment industry to return to its former glory and beauty. We need to revive the art of “Bihar Kokila” Sharda Sinha, Bharat Sharma Vyas, and Madan Rai. We must remember – Bhikhari Thakur, as an ever-inspiring doyen of Bhojpuri literature,  rightfully earned his name as “The Shakespeare of Bhojpuri”. Audiences need to be informed about how Bhojpuri songs are doing a disservice to the language, culture, and people of Bihar. Trashy ‘content’ that focuses solely on what’s under people’s pants cannot be considered music, let alone a reflection of the language’s quality.

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